Curious, quietly communicative, cute,  and  entertaining, silkies are the birds that children and adults alike are drawn towards most. When we have people visit our farm the comments are always “what is that thin?!” followed by, “can I pet one?”. They are the face of pet chickens and have an amazing ability to keep themselves clean if given the chance to free range or if they have access to a dust bathing box.

The fluff-ball

Egg color: cream, tinted


Fun Fact


  1. 1. Silkies have five toes on their feet instead of the usual four. The fifth toe is very small and pokes out between two others, like it just mistakenly sprouted there one day and decided to hang around.
  2. 2. Besides the silly fur-like feathers that make a Silkie look like a Muppet, these birds have several other weirdo traits that make them stand out. Silkie’s skin is black or dark blue instead of white. They also have black bones.

The Parent


The Babies