Our farm's favorite is bird is hands down the exotic and rare Araucana. Not only are they heritage blue egg layers, but they are a unique sight with NO RUMP and flirtatious ear muffs.  Araucanas are one of the hardiest birds in our flocks. They tolerate both heat and the cold well. They can fly up to 16 feet and can torpedo into the air vertically. They are an awesome sight to see in full flight. They are very personable birds. We breed both large fowl and bantam sizes.

The rumpless

Color of egg: Blue


Fun Facts

about the breed

  1. 1.These chickens are “tufted,” meaning there is a large horizontal spray of feathers on both sides of the face.
  2. 2. They lay eggs with a beautiful green or blue shell which can bring in a little extra money if you choose to sell the eggs.

The Parent

The Babies